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Cuckoo Nest Art Studio does not only make watch bands, they make a personality out of it

Fashion Jewelry, especially when mass produced may look cheap and sometimes undesirable. And since it is mass produced, a large chance for multiple persons wearing the same jewelry at the same time (worse, on the same event), is inevitable. In the case of watch bands, at Cuckoo Nest Art Studio, I keep on accepting the fact that more people would want to make a fashion statement that will make them stand out and become unique in the sense of putting on an accessory that won,t go out of style and/or make it the same with someone else. My brand is now becoming synonymous to leather-based fashion statement, in which my expertise is watchbands. Continue Reading

True Mermaid Secrets

Modern-day “mermaids” are in for a treat with the fresh new mermaid empire, TRUE MERMAID SECRETS. Less than a year old, this new business and website gives its customers the chance to escape the monotony of everyday life and join the “mermaid” club. Since its inception, True Mermaid Secrets has featured a growing repertoire of mermaid-oriented products, the latest of which is a “Mermaid Loop Band” for intuitive exercise possibilities anytime, anywhere.

For the sake of dementia care and wandering prevention - DementiaSafety.co.nz presents the Dementia Wandering Prevention Device: Proximity

Proximity is a simple and stylish device used to help prevent wandering by people who have dementia. Proven to help with dementia care, Proximity is now beginning to become popular within the Autism community. For those who care for people with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or autism, Proximity acts as a warning device, or a proximity alarm, alarming the carer when the person they’re caring for wanders too far from them. 

Velocity Banking and Your Personal Finances

Are you looking to take back financial control of your life? Is becoming debt-free while increasing your cash flow and building credit something you’re trying to achieve? Velocity Banking with Company Builder to Contributor could be what you’ve been looking for!

Cheap T-Shirt Printing - Australia

Finding a reliable company that produces quality products for reasonable prices can be difficult. When it comes to printing shirts, the cost of the shirts, plus printing, isn’t always cheap. And if it is cheap, it often isn’t of the best quality. Luckily, there happens to be an award-winning cheap T-shirt printing business right in Australia.